About Us

Applied Biobanking Solutions Ltd. is a Vancouver-based biotechnology company striving to transform haircare industry, by making novel formulas using phytocompounds, exotic botanicals, stem cell technology. Our aim is to offer innovative and personalized hair loss solutions for treating alopecia, baldness, and hair loss.

Our hair solution center is the first-in-world to introduce a non-invasive hair follicle stem cell collection, expansion, and cryopreservation service. The process is streamlined with an-at-home-use kit to collect bio-samples and ship using regular mail. This groundbreaking solution provides a modern, reliable, and safe way for individuals to preserve their hair follicles for future use in cosmetic and medical treatments.

Nuhairb is our first product and is a result of rigorous in-vitro testing and human trials*. It was developed with a purpose to bring the results of latest research in hair loss field into a solution for a variety of hair and scalp conditions. We are committed to help the people who suffer from hair loss to restore their confidence and all the customers who look into advancing the hair care routine.

*Small group trials were conducted in span of 8 months to confirm efficacy and safety.

About NuHairb

NuHairb intelligent hair care foam is solution to combat thinning, dull and lifeless hair. Our formula is based on results of ground-breaking scientific discoveries that examined effects of phytocompounds and exotic botanicals. Each of these studies have revealed promising results that boost the ability of our product to fight hair loss with no side effects.

Our product is manufactured at FDA certified facility. In order to guarantee efficacy we perform additional tests of ready batches at the lab.

We understand the importance of keeping our product top-notch which is why we only use ingredients of highest quality.

When used daily, NuHairb aids hair-loss reduction; promotes thicker, fuller hair while reducing itchiness and providing an overall healthier feeling scalp. This product is safe for all hair types and gender neutral.

What sets NuHairb apart from other products is its commitment to help you get the results you want without the damaging side effects. With its natural ingredients you can enjoy the ultimate hair care experience free from worries about harsh chemicals or long-term damage. Experience transformation with NuHairb - your assurance of safe, reliable remedies for beautiful results!

Our vision

We aim to empower our clients with the highest quality of haircare by creating revolutionary personalized anti-hair loss and hair regrowth products that are made from bioactive natural compounds and regenerative medicine technologies. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with long-term carefree hair solutions, so they can look and feel their absolute best!

Our partners

Meet our team

Dr. Faramarz Rafie – CEO

Faramarz is the CEO and director of Applied Biobanking Solutions, with more than 20 years of medical experience. He is a medical science and aesthetic medicine lecturer and researcher. Faramarz is a member of several prestigious groups, including WONCA, the Italian Society of Scalp Surgery, and the Medical Council of Iran

Dr. Amir Behaein – CFO

Amir is a qualified medical aesthetician with more than 10 years of experience in various fields of aesthetic medicine and laser technology. Amir graduated from Ahwaz Medical University, where he studied mainly wellness and medical aesthetic technologies.

Dr. Arman Javadi – COO

Arman is a qualified medical research scientist with more than 10 years of experience in various fields of research. Arman graduated from the University of Wollongong and then completed his Master’s at Queen’s University Belfast. He also holds a Ph.D. in Medicine.

Dr. Sunil Joseph – CSO

Sunil has worked as a cell and molecular biologist, with more than five years combined post-doctoral experience in the industry and academic settings. Sunil holds a degree in Microbiology, a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, and a Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology from Kannur University.

Why Choose Nuhairb

Experienced Doctors

Driven by the team of experienced and talented clinicians and scientists.

20 Years in the Industry

Our clinicians have about 20+ years of experience in hair loss treatment industry.

Customized Approach

We offer a professional and personal approach to our clients.